Analytics Solutions

We are specialist in turning data into information. Ourknowledge and experiences spans from Acute Hospitals’ datasets to General Practitioners (GPs) datasets.   We have worked with NHS providers and commissioners to use datasets like Secondary Uses Service (SUS) and TTP SystmOne to provide a range of services and functionality which involved in training, analyse, report and present this data.

Data extraction and transformation

With our vast expertise on different datasets, ranges from Excel, Word, CSV, Text files to Databases, if you wish to extract or load data from one source to another source, we can extract the data from its source, check its integrity and transform the data into the format required by your system and load it for you.  If you wish to produce a one-off or on-going reports and statistical analyses from your own data warehouse, we can assist you.

In-house data cleansing during system upgrades

Likewise, if you are transferring data from an old source to a new one, we can check the integrity of the data being transferred and correct it where necessary.  We can also translate codes automatically, if the new system uses different code values from the old and you can supply us with a set of translation rules.

Our Approach

Our approach is to work with you to understand your general business needs, make an initial determination of possible solutions, and discuss the opportunities, as well as challenges, which we envision. We will work with you to understand your business needs and tailor the solution to these needs. If possible, we will work with your local Business Intelligent team to integrate the new solution with the existing information system. Our approach is to build customized analytical solutions suitable for your business needs.   Our initial assessment to establish what you want and what we can produce is completely free of charge.