An independent assessment of how technology is helping you achieve your organisation's goals - or getting in the way! Every organisation should have an effective technology strategy which will help develop support its work.

Many organisations struggle to find the time to do this.  Our ICT Healthcheck package can do this for you.  The Lasa ICT Healthcheck will help you answer questions including: 

•    What should our technology priorities be?
•    Is our data safe?
•    How much should we spend?
•    What are our technical options and solutions?
•    When should we replace our computers?
•    Do we use our existing technology effectively and productively?
•    Where can we get good value technical support?
•    How do we develop a technology Strategy?
•    Do you have database and reporting requirements?


Project management

Help with managing that daunting technology project. Including: 

•    Project definition and costings 
•    Recruiting and evaluation of suppliers 
•    Requirement specifications for networks, databases and websites.
•    Setting up and facilitating a project team
•    Developing organisational structures that can cope with the new project 

Funding applications

Help with funding applications for technology projects. We can help you assess your needs and realistically cost equipment and support requirements for a funding bid which includes a technology component.  This is normally a 1 day piece of work.

Supplier scrutiny

We can help you evaluate or draw up specifications for quotes and tenders, review and scrutinise existing technology support contracts for value and quality or attend meetings with suppliers as an advocate to translate jargon and demystify communications. This is normally a minimum 1 day piece of work.

Support for funders and grant officers

We can work with funders on an Ad Hoc basis for example to build a ‘rate card' to match against technology bids to help grant makers scrutinise applications which include technology components or to comment directly on bid applications. Alternatively funders may wish participate in our Building Bridges to ICT Excellence Project.

ICT strategy

A service to check whether your technology strategy plan is on course and meeting ‘milestones' or to help you develop your first policy. We would interview key staff and check your actual technology development against your plan and produce a report. This is normally a 2 to 3 day piece of work.

Knowledge and support

We can review your internal technology support and identify any additional needs, draw up elements to include in job descriptions, sit on interview panels, advise on experience and qualification requirements and/or a Training Needs Analysis of computer users. This is normally a 1 to 2 day piece of work.

Circuit Rider (mobile technology worker) projects

Help with setting up and managing Circuit Rider projects.
We have experience of setting up and managing two successful Circuit Rider projects.  We could help you with the process of project development as a consultant, trainers, recruiter, project manager or coach.

Consultancy partnership

Help for consultants whose specialism is not technology. We work alongside other consultants to deliver on technology elements of projects for organisational development and capacity building.

Documentation and publications

Help to produce internal technology documentation and publications.
We have produced publications, documents and articles for organisations and the national technology knowledgbase. We can work with you to produce documentation and publications such as: 
•    A bespoke technology worker toolkit 
•    Plain English articles 
•    Training and induction plans
•    ‘How to....' Guides. 

Database and Reporting requirement

We can help you design and develop database and reporting requirements, review and scrutinise existing systems.