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Our Training Courses Are Unique...

Getting the most from your investment in technology means showing your team how to use the tools you’ve given them. GMI ICT provides bespoke training programmes, designed to match the features you want in a variety of applications or operating systems and also in a number of generally misunderstood areas, such as the Internet and PC basics.

The Benefits

On-site, or in a local training room, we’ll provide a jargon-free and insightful training experience that’s both practical and entertaining. Training maximises the benefit your business gains from your staff as they learn to unleash the potential at their fingertips. Our programmes include a skills audit and bespoke training modules:

Skills audit

Surprisingly, even in everyday applications like Microsoft Word, there are hundreds of features users never find out about. These can often, at a stroke, save hours of time. Our skills audit enables us to tailor our training programmes to correspond to your current skill level and so maximise the return on your training investment.

Bespoke training

Bespoke, focused training is the key to getting the most from your employees. Our training programmes will provide all you need, and more, to increase productivity and boost your staff’s confidence in the effective use of IT.

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