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Protecting Business Information

One of the most important business assets is information. As a core asset within all businesses it has value and so, like any other asset, needs to be protected. Nowadays, your business information is held in many places: on servers, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, by third party companies and on the Internet.

Security review Understanding the risks associated with access to this information, and protecting it, can be a real challenge. This is where GMI ICT can help. By carrying out a security review, we can analyse your business and uncover security issues with your IT equipment and network systems. We’ll advise you on: 

•    Antivirus solutions and how to manage viruses
•    Backing up your data with both local and online back-up solutions
  •    Firewalls, routers and how to manage inbound and outbound ports
•    Network security and file managemen

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We design, supply, install and maintain a good security posture for your organisation. Our ethos is based on working with the client to provide a tailored solution to your requirement. We pride ourselves in providing a solution no matter how small or large to increase your TCO – (Total cost of ownership) in a very cost-efficient way. We work at the forefront of technology therefore keeping abreast with the latest trends and technology.